Golden Retrievers 
Rhonda's Retrievers in Enterprise, MS 
Aubie-Copper's Dad
Copper at 5 wks old...
Copper and Jessie

Copper relaxing with us on the couch....
Jessie Girl
Colby trying to talk Copper into fetching the duck.  At least Copper seems interested, lol. 
Copper being obedient and waiting til Kalie returns with his treat.
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Copper and Kalie watching TV
Maggie-Copper's Mom
Jessie is my redheaded girl with all the Sass.. She came here Day 1 trying to strut her stuff.  She's a little conceaded..she loves to dress up and admire herself in the mirrors.
Henry is sitting and hoping Copper drops that bone, lol
Copper Topper is  a perfect golden.  Copper came to us laid back and never has outgrown this.  Copper is the darkest golden in color we have and everyone falls in love with him once they lay eyes upon him.   He did attend obedience classes but was actually to shy and lazy to participate.  Copper is the perfect lay by your feet golden.  He does a block head golden look!  Copper has several MH and other hunting  titles in his pedigree.   
Jessie at 10 months old
Copper loves to jump with Karigan and Kalie
Copper with Kalie
Copper and Jessie with Kalie
Marley and Jessie 
Copper strutting his stuff
Copper loving life
Lil red collar pup out of Copper and Jessie litter
Henry relaxing with copper as a baby!
Jessie April 2017
My 3 pups from Abbey X Henry 3-25-19
My Minnie
My Daisy
My Minnie
Bo Duke
Bo Duke
My Minnie
My Daisy
Bo Duke