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Josie  & Lilly

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Josie-English Cream 
Barbie is the granddaughter of my Abbey.  She is very sweet and gentle spirited. Although she is a sweety she does not like the ducks. I hope she becomes interested and follows in her ancestors footsteps..  
After turning 2, Barbie isn't much of a hunter! She does have the mildest disposition.  She loves attention and is easily content! She is a medium sized golden weighing in about 65 lbs..

Josie is just plain gorgeous.  All those looks makes me think of her as a blondie!! She doesn't have the bird sense I was wanting but her looks and attitude makes up for it.  She comes from British English Cream golden lines and is a big baby.  She doesn't like to do much except to be spoiled!! Which is probably my kids fault!! 
After about 3 years old now, Josie is a sweet heart.  She definitely is one that loves being inside!  She does love the water and you can't keep her out of the pools! She is a beauty and has became an outstanding mom!
Josie has grown into a beautiful young lady!
Josie-absolutely stunning
Josie-English Cream 
Josie-English Cream 
Josie and Barbie!
Lilly's 5 week old picture