Golden Retrievers 
Rhonda's Retrievers in Enterprise, MS 
Abbey being very obedient at 
obedience classes.:)
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Annie and Sophie
Annie is loving the lake life with Maggie...
Abbey with Annie as a young pup!...
Annie is loving to swim in the pool...
Annie at 8 wks old swimming..
Go Annie Go!
Annie at 10 months old!
Annie and Abbey 
Annie's drive is amazing! She definitely is a great mixture between Abbey/Henry.  
She will obtain her titles this Fall since it's summertime!
Lookout Fall 2019!
Annie's 15 months old!
Annie's waiting on Kalie to throw her a ball.  She is pregnant with her second litter and actually whelped the night this picture was taken.  

She is an amazing girl to us.  We love her spirit, her full of life self, 
and her gentleness. 

Her babies are the cutest puppies I believe we have.  It's something about them.  They are always petite, 
full of spirit, and absolutely the busiest guys/gals wanting to play! 
Everyone that has their pups love their size, love their demeanor, and temperament. They have produced some wonderful pups thus far.

This is my trainer's description of her while working: 
Focus. Drive. Determination. #waterentry #DRR #BuildingTheDifference #Annie #training #gundogs #retrievers #ducks

My Annie celebrating Year 2020