Golden Retrievers 
Rhonda's Retrievers in Enterprise, MS 
Lucy (all pix on left) and Nellie (all pix on right)
Roxie being a proud mama Oct. 28th, 2011
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Lucy following Ruby around..
Cutie patutie Lucy
Lucy is a sweet and mild mannered golden.  She came from a breeder in
Minnesota.  She is an upland hunter bred dog and has already proved herself at a young 3 months old to love birds. She loves to retrieve live or dead ducks and is actually a little aggressive at the hunt at 3 mos.  She knows basic obedience commands and is well on her way to becoming a duck hunting prospect dog!

Years later---Lucy is the most docile we have.. She is the most caring and loving golden there is.. She just lays around our house like a piece of furniture to adore!  
Lucy and Lil' Bit
Our Snow Day Jan. 28th, 2014
Lucy at her first hunt test below, she now has her first 2 legs for her SHR title.  
Lucy's grandfather dog is a guide dog for Disciple Guide Service up in South Dakota.  You see where she got her gorgeous looks from.. 
Nellie-4 wks old
Nellie came from the same breeder in MN that Lucy is from.. She is half sister to Lucy.. They have the same dad but different moms... Nellie came here like a firecracker and is named ---Whoa Nellie!!  Mainly because we couldn't keep up with her as a wild child pup... She is settling in better and keeps us on our toes!! So we are ready to see her outcome as a rambunctious eager learning pup.....
Nellie hanging with us while we are birthing fur babies.... Now She isn't quite sure if she is liking this staying up all night???
Nellie wore slap out!!
7 wks old
Nellie hanging with me while I am in the whelping house!
Nellie wearing her Alabama suit...
2 months old
Lucy has the sweetest temperment and is completely docile.  She follows me around still like a lil pup lost her mommy.  Lucy is the best inside golden as she is always laid out relaxing.  She loves to sleep anywhere and loves affectionate hugs and kisses. Lucy has been trained for basic duck hunting and obedience but her get up and go is at her own speed.  She will
 fetch and return to you with it, but at a slower rate than most.  LOL
Nellie hiding under the boat from the others with her bone! 
9 months old picture!
Cutie patutie Lucy
Lucy (below) while I was canning the summer of 2016.  I was making a mess as usual in the kitchen and it didn't bother her!! Gotta love some Lucy!
Nellie at a year and half
Nellie looking more and more like 
her sister Lucy! Pix are getting harder to 
tell the difference!
Lucy  on the left Nellie on the right...

Sisters...look alikes!
Lucy Lou 
Lucy Lou