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Sally  & Sunny
Sally is a pup that I kept from my Sambo.  Sambo was an extremely loving boy that I had the pleasure of owning.  Sambo at the age of 3 years old is retired now from my breeding program.  He is now a service dog for someone and living a luxurious life of traveling with her. 
Sally at 5 wks old 
Sally @ 6 wks old 
Sally @ 11 wks old 
Candy @ 3 months old.                  Sally @ 6 wks old 
Sally loves to fetch and play! She has an awesome drive with an excellent temperament. 

She is at the trainer learning to focus her ability to retrieve into a duck dog.  She has an awesome drive and we look forward to seeing her outcome!  

We expect her to obtain her titles in Spring 2020 and settle into a very loving girl like her mom and dad!

She is a go getter, a people pleaser, super curious, and will be well rounded with the ability to track and trail a duck/dove/quail! We look forward to hunting over this girl soon!

Look out 2020 as this girl works her way through the crowd! 

My Ride or Die Sally <3 
Sally - 2 years old
Sunny is a girl that I got from a friend breeder 
in Minnesota.  She is the same lady that I 
got my Lucy from years ago.. Our Lucy 
was one of a kind and Sunny is a great girl herself.  Such a sweet soul and very 
Golden demeanor!