Golden Retrievers 
Rhonda's Retrievers in Enterprise, MS 
Greenlee and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List
Greenlee pups were born July 18th. They will go home on September 10/11/12th wkd

Fur Babies

My dog's pedigrees and retired goldensAnnie Henry the IIXGooseBoomer 
Josie ~ Lilly ~ Ivory Daisy & JourneyPresley & RoxyAvailable PuppiesMinnie & Winnie
Sally & Sadie Gypsy & JerseyGoldie ~ Pinkie ~ PennyGreenlee & EllieBlondie & Lady

 Litters Available in 2019/2020
**All of my puppies are sold with LIMITED REGISTRATION - Meaning Pet ONLY, no breeding. If you are a breeder already, and want one with FULL Registration you 
will need to speak with me in advance about your intentions!
**Deposits are nonrefundable! Although, you may switch to a later litter for better timing.
**Picking order comes from the order of deposits received! So if you want to be sure to get the pick of the litter I suggest paying a deposit early on.  My website is updated daily once a deposit is received! And I have several litters listed that will be bred in the future if one that is available now doesn't fit your timing.  
**If you're flying a pup, I will need you to choose your pup by the 7 wk old mark, so I can have time to get the pup to the vet for his/her flight health certificate. Preparation for your pup to fly has to be planned accordingly. 
**Cost for flying a pup has went up.  The cost for me to get one flew with the kennel a golden pup needs, is $450 now.  I use Jackson, MS airport.  If I have to drive farther than that to accommodate a flight, additional cost will occur! Federal guidelines do not let a pup fly above 80 degree weather or below 30 degrees.  So please plan accordingly when 
choosing if you're flying/driving! 
**I do have a Nanny service provider that will travel up to 6/7 hours one way from me to help driving time for you.  A 6 hour trip (total 12 hours- there and back) will be $420, but that is cutting 12 hours off of driving time for you! She will drive a 6 hour trip toward 
you and back home! You can figure it up by $35 per hour of travel there and 
back to cover gas and time to deliver.
**If you are the last pick of the litter I will not know which pup will be yours until the time of picking order has finished.  Most people choose to wait and interact with the litter.  So most of puppies are chosen at pick up time! When pick up weekend times come close, I will assign everyone to arrive at different times so you can have time to play and discuss each puppy with me. I will definitely be available to offer 
suggestions of each pup's personality based on the litter observations. 
**I put colored collars on pups around 4 weeks old.  This enables them time to grow into a walking stage so they don't get their feet/arms hung in their collars.  
**If you are wanting to visit pups I suggest the 4/5 week old period.  They have started to walk by then, and starting to play.  Before then, it's just nursery time with mama real close!  If you visit before then, it will be a look in the nursery.  I have to protect them from germs and won't allow handling of the pups before 4 wks. Thank you for respecting my decisions on protecting our fur babies!
​**If for some reason you need to request that I keep your pup longer than the 8 wk old pick up time, I will need to charge $10 extra for each day after. This will cover the cost of a food and care.  If shots are needed before leaving (9 wks, 12 wks) you will pay for those charges as well, as well as the heart worm and flea prevention pills. 
 Tentative Breeding Timeline For 2021

This is the order of deposits below by the order I received deposits!
No matter which litter 

Jennifer Hegler ~ Male 2021 (FR)
Natasha ~ Dark Sally/Jersey Male 2022 
Samantha Greb ~ Male ~ Annie X Boomer 2021
Caroline Sorrick ~ Male ~ Annie X Boomer 2021 litter
Tara Stutz ~ LilyXBoomer Male 2021 
Stubblefield ~ Lily or Josie 2021 ~ Female 2021
Kirsten Alvarez ~ Annie X Boomer ~ Male or Female pup 2021
Laurence & Hannah Conklin ~  Jersey X Boomer Female 2022
Kelsey Rush ~ AnnieXBoomer Female 2021
Amanda & Colin Jones ~ AnnieXBoomer 2022 litter ~ 1st pick
Hannah Clausel ~ Male Pup  RoxyXBoomer 2021
Jane Divelbiss ~ Journey Male 
John Williams ~ Daisy, Annie, Greenlee female pup 
Chris McKinley ~ Dark Female in 2022
Tiffanie Nguyen ~ Dark Female - Annie/Gypsy
Grace Britsch ~ Male pup 2022 Summer
Meredith Kelly ~ Dark male 2022
Ashley Williams ~ LilyXBoomer male (Daisy)
John Morgan ~ Christmas pup
​Megan Wilkerson ~ AnnieXBoomer 2022 pup
Jenny Ashcraft ~ Male
Crystal Vanicor ~ Female
Morgan Moss ~ Lily Female 
Andrew Souser ~ Pup later in Winter 2021
Christy Cormier ~ Male 
Christie Vaughn ~ Female 



​2021 Estimated Timing on litters
Pricing on each litter
 & Going Home Estimations
PinkieXBenny/Behr ~ $1500 September/October
Journey X Boomer ~ Daisy X Boomer ~ Roxy X Boomer ~ $1400 September/October
Annie X Boomer $1500 ~ September/October
Greenlee X Boomer ~  September

SallyXBoomer ~ December/January/February
SadieXBoomer ~ November/December/January
PresleyXBoomer ~ November/December/January
GypsyXBoomer ~ December/January 2022
JerseyXBoomer ~ February/March 2022
LilyXBoomer ~ January/February 2022
LadyXBoomer ~ April/May 2022
AnnieXBoomer ~ April/May 2022

​Deposits are $400 to be 
on a reserved list!

2022 Deposits: 
Natasha ~ Sadie or SallyXBoomer 2022 Male
Laurence & Hannah Conklin ~ JerseyXBoomer 2022 female
Amanda & Colin Jones ~ Annie male 2022 
Chris McKinley ~ Dark female Fall 2022
Grace Britsch ~ Summer 2022 Male 
Meredith Kelley ~ Male Summer 2022
Megan Wilkerson ~ AnnieXBoomer 2022
Natasha Sherwood ~ SallyXBoomer or JerseyBoomer 2022
Katelyn Robinson ~ Male 2022
Chelsea Crudelle ~ Female Annie or Lady 2022
Annie and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1500

Annie and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List
​ Annie has bred in May.  Her pups will be born in the end of July.  Pups will go home in late September. 
1. Samantha Greb 2020
2. Caroline Sorrick 2020
3. Kyrsten Alvarez Male/ or Female
4. Megan Wilkerson
5. Alicia Almade
6. Christy Cormier
1. Hannah Parma
2. Kyrsten Alvarez Male/or Female 
3. Kelsey Rush
4. John Williams 
5. Tiffanie Nguyen 
6. Megan Wilkerson
Pinkie and Behr's litter 
2021 litter $1500

Pinkie and Behr's 2021 Reserved List
​Pinkie and Behr's babies will go home in late September.

1. Reserved 
​2. Reserved
​3. Brittany Wade
1. Jennifer Hegler 
2. Robert Distefano
3. Jenny Ashcraft
4. Alicia Almade
5. Christy Cormier
Journey and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1400

Journey and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List
Journey has bred with Boomer.  Pups will be born in August and go home at the end of September.

1. Jane Devilbiss
2. Taylor Medlen
​3. Kristen Taylor Thomas
1. Brittany Wade
2. Frank Tickerhoof 
3. Kristen Taylor Thomas
Daisy and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1400

Daisy and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List
Daisy has bred and will be due in August. Pups will go home at the end of September.

1. Ashley Williams
2. Kelsey Ballard
3. Jenny Ashcraft
4. Marsha Henson
5. Christy Cormier
1. John Williams
​2. Brittany Wade
Roxy and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1400

Roxy and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List
Roxy has bred in June. Pups will go home the end of September.

1. Hannah Clausel
2. John Morgan
3. Tara Stutz
4. Jenny Ashcraft
5. Alicia Almade
6. Christy Cormier
1. Reserved
2. John Morgan
3. Reid Stevens
Greenlee and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1400

1. Jessica Gonzalez
2. Kyrsten Alvarez F/or male - on Annie
3. John Williams - pending on Daisy 
4. Brenna Breaux
5. Crystal Vanicor
6. Christie Vaughn 
1. Kyrsten Alvarez F/or male
2. Will Wells
3. Gabrielle Nelson
4. Sadie Labelle
5. Alicia Almade - waiting on Kyrsten (only 4 boys)
Lily and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1400

Lily and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List

1. Ashley Williams
2. Tara Stutz
3. Kristen Taylor Thomas (Girl/Boy)
1. Cindy Stubblefield
2. Morgan Moss
3. Kristen Taylor Thomas (Girl/Boy)
Josie and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1500

Josie and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List
Josie has bred Boomer.  Pups were born June 6th.  Pups will go to new homes at the end of July.

1. Jared Quaregna
2. Valerie Bruton
3. Josh Cosby
1. ME

Gypsy and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1400

Sally and Boomer's litter 
2021 litter $1400

Sally and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List

1. Andrew Souser

Gypsy and Boomer's 2021 Reserved List

1. Reserved
2. Christy Cormier
1. Reserved