Golden Retrievers 
Rhonda's Retrievers in Enterprise, MS 
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Peppy & Molly & Birdie
8 wk old pix

Birdie is sister to Duckie & Gunnie.  She is a WinnieXHenry daughter. She is a go getter and loves training.  She is one heck of a girl! She personally has all the great traits 
of a golden.  
Peppy is sister to Molly.  She is a GoldieXBoomer daughter. She has a drive out of this world but seems to want to be her own boss.  She is loving training and will soon be titling with her AKC and UKC hunting titles. Watch this girl go!
Molly is sister to Peppy.  She is a daughter of GoldieXBoomer. She has a goofy personality but has learned to love training.  She has turned out to be one fine girl! She will be testing soon to earn her titles!