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Rhonda's Retrievers in Enterprise, MS 
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Ember-Mom of my Boomer! Banger-Dad of my Boomer!
Boomer at 8 wks old.. the day he flew in from Nebraska to me! 
Boomer at 9 wks old.. he got his new name tag on his collar today! 
Boomer was tuckered out from flying all day! 
Boomer at 5 months old!  Spoiled isn't the word!  He loves to work already, has a great drive, a loving personality, and a nice body build..  Right now he is working on 60/70 yard marks and marking well.  Doesn't flinch a bit and will go at it constant if I let him! I did upload a video to my RhondasRetrievers Facebook page of him working at 4 months old!
Boomer at 3 months old! 
He is such a cutie pie!
Boomer at 6 months old! 
He absolutely LOVES the water!
Boomer at 10 months old! 
He is becoming a handsome boy!
Boomer at a year  old! 
He is a nice looking boy!
Boomer at a year  old! 
He is a nice looking boy!
Boomer at 15 months old
Boomer is a trained duck dog.  He is completely trained to hunt like Seasoned Level. He has a high drive, an awesome desire to obey, and is a very pleasing guy.  We are excited to bring his looks, genetics, and sound health to our females that we have kept off of our Henry. They will be exceptionally smart pups and make many people happy!
Boomer at 2 years old in these pix!
Boomer at 4 years old in these pix!